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Abigail Alvarez

IRIS WOOZOO Pedestal 360 Oscillating DC Motor Standing Fan with Remote Control

IRIS WOOZOO Pedestal 360 Oscillating DC Motor Standing Fan with Remote Control

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"With the 12 power levels available from the DC motor . this fan is perfect for any environment. At levels 1-4 the fan operates silently (below 35dB). Levels 8-12 circulate the air most powerfully. Detects the room temperature and adjust the fan level automatically while in Auto mode. Decrease the air flow gradually over 2 hours before turning off in Sleep mode . and alternates between low and high power to simulate natural wind while set to Rhythm mode. 360-degree vertical oscillation and 90-degree horizontal. The unique oscillating motion covers a wider range in the room and contributes to better air circulation throughout the environment. Place the unit by the window or entrance to a room to regulate the air quality. Face the fan outside to air out the room or face the fan inside to pull in fresh air from outside. However . you set it . it helps maintain better ventilation. Two (2) height settings available. With the pole brace installed . the unit's height can be extended an additional 15"". Easily change the height depending on the environment. A handy touch panel really gives this fan a modern feel. The unit will emit a beep to acknowledge any button inputs. Lights indicate the current mode and settings. The power level and off timer are displayed in the middle. Unscrew the front cover for easy access to the fan blades for cleaning."

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